Scott Hubener Counseling

Scott Hubener Counseling offers telehealth counseling services for individuals and couples in North Carolina and South Carolina. I look forward to the opportunity to connect and work together.

Counseling Services for Individuals and Couples

I offer counseling services for individual adults and adolescents as well as couples and am based in Asheville, North Carolina and offer telehealth throughout North Carolina as well as South Carolina. You may be feeling stuck in aspects of your life and looking for new ways to manage. Perhaps the old ways of coping are not working or the challenges of life seem more difficult to manage. Seeking counseling is a brave step and I acknowledge the strength it takes to reach out for that support. I ask you to envision change and healing are possible, because this is the reality and the path you are on. You certainly are capable of growth and healing, and counseling is a process to get the skills and tools to help make these changes.

In my role as a counselor, I seek to go along on the path with you and together explore what there is to uncover and work through. You are the expert on you and my role is to offer tools and support that may be useful to you in your journey. Whether it be anxiety, depression, relationship issues, traumas, or other life stressors that are impacting our lives, there is change on the horizon.

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